The Track and Field Toolbox is a free site dedicated to providing resources for track and field as well as cross country coaches. The site is designed with high school coaches in mind, but the tools provided here could be utilized for younger athletes or even college athletes.

Many times coaches of a track and field team are former athletes that excelled at a particular event or events. Maybe they were a sprinter, distance runner or middle distance runner. They might have also been a jumper, thrower, hurdler or vaulter.

Whatever the case a coach can not rely on his or her personal training experience, to provide them with the necessary tools to coach/train all of athletes in the individual disciplines.

A coach that has trained to be a good distance runner might have a great understanding of how to develop speed, increase stride length, increase aerobic capacity and how to properly taper for the big meets.

They likely have several effective workout ideas that they have used in their careers and other training tips that they have either learned on their own or from the many coaches that they encounter as an athlete.

But that same coach might not have the knowledge and experiences to help a pole vaulter safely learn great technique, or be familiar with various techniques in the shot or discus.

Track and Field is really several totally different sports. A coach must know how to train several different types of athletes and be able to teach several different fundamental techniques. While some schools have the luxury of having assistant coaches that specialize in the individual disciplines, many do not.

Often times the head coach has a staff of coaches that have agreed to help but aren’t necessarily experts. In these instances the head coach must even help train their assistants.

The purpose of this website is provide as many tools as possible to help coaches lead their program in such a way that it is something that they and their athletes are proud to be apart of. Expect to find tools to help you teach technique in the shot, discus, pole vault, long jump, high jump and hurdles.

We will provide much information on teaching the proper running mechanics for sprinting, middle distance and long distance running.

We also provide coaches with a wide variety of drills and workouts designed for all of the events.

In addition we will share ideas from many other experts. Whether it be strength training ideas, recovery techniques or nutritional ideas, if we think he can help your athletes we will share the information with you.

You can also expect to find ideas from leaders in the field of Mental Skills Training including ideas on focus, concentration, goal setting and mental imagery.

Finally we will also provide resources to help you become a better leader and help you to develop your team leadership.

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