Stabilization Exercises for Distance Runners

When planning the training  for distance runners there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  Whether it is balancing tempo runs with speed workouts, or working on their form and posture, as a coach you are always trying to gain an edge. How can we train our runners so that we cut time, reduce injury and keep them motivated.

One often overlooked area that can help distance runners is improving their balance. Running is an activity that demands that the athlete be on one foot while performing. Therefore it is critical that they have the necessary strength and balance needed to stabilize their foot on each strike. In reality a runner requires just fractions of seconds to stabilize on each foot strike. If you consider the thousands of foot strikes required in training and racing, improvement in this area will not only reduce injury but also have effect on their performance.

In the video clip below Ryan Warrenburg, strength coach at Zap Fitness Team USA Training Center, demonstrates some very simple exercises that he incorporates into each of his workouts with his distance runners. These are simple exercises that can be completed easily outside of the weight room.

These exercises are one example of the type of strength and conditioning drills that he uses with his distance runners. For a more information about training distance runners you check his dvd. The dvd also includes instruction from elite distance coach Pete Rea. Coach Rea shares the secrets behind his training methods, the different types of workouts you can use within a single training session, and discusses how you can implement them with the individual runner. The bulk of his training ideologies are based on Arthur Lydiard’s training theories. For more information about that dvd click the link Zap Fitness: Proven Training Methods for Distance Running Success

I have also included a second clip. I this clip Coach Rea takes you through two different workouts he is using 10 days prior to competition

The YouTube video have audio, so please make sure that your sound is turn on and that you have access to the site. Please note that some schools block access to YouTube.


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