Discus Drill: Stand Throw with Double Pivot

This is a great drill to add to your teaching progression when working with young discus throwers. The drill is called Stand Throw with a Double Pivot.

In the video below John Dagata,USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach (Chula Vista, CA);USATF Level I, Level II and Level III Certified Coach; IAAF Level 5 Throws Coach, show the key teaching points in his Stand Throw with Double Pivot discus training drill.

The thrower begins in a stance that has his feet slightly staggered. The stance is wide with the right heel in line with the left toe. In other words, the right foot is slightly forward of the left foot. The thrower will take a maximum back swing. As he rotates back his chest and left arm should be directly over the right knee.

When the thrower begins to rotate back to the front side, he should snap his legs violently into the hip causing the hip to extend to sector and upward. The athlete should be sure to pivot up onto his toes. As the discus comes out, the left heel should remain off the ground.

This drill is just one form Coach Dagata’s insturctional DVD. In the DVD Coach Dagata presents a progression of 18 drills that he uses to enhance an athlete’s ability to throw the discus further. He uses a step-by-step method that breaks the discuss technique into individual components. Drills include: Static Throws, Stand Throws,Step-in Throws and Full Throws. For more information about that DVD click the link Dynamic Drills and Teaching Progression for the Discus

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