High Jump Exercises

Here are 7 great exercises High Jump Exercises with 5-Time Olympian Amy Acuff that you can use with your athletes.

In the video below Amy demonstrates at 9 different types of exercises designed to increase the strength, flexibility and mobility needed to be a successful high jumper.

Here is a list of the exercises:

  1. Single Leg Hop Series – to strengthen the ankle and hip
  2. Skips – helps develop the rhythm needed for the penultimate step
  3. ┬áHanging Knee Drill – works on lig drive on the takeoff
  4. Swiss Ball Hamstring Exercises – stretches 3 divisions of the hamstring
  5. Swiss Ball Hip Exercises – increase hip mobility
  6. Air Hurdles – stimulates the nervous system
  7. Core Strength – two exercises: V-ups and Back Hypers w/Twist
  8. 3 Step Pop-up w/ Med Ball – simulates the end of the approach
  9. Freeze Depth Jumps

This video is part of a coaching course that can be found on CoachTube. For more information about this Free course click the link: Amy Acuff’s High Jump

The video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are on and the volume is turned up

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