Long Jump: Box Drills

Speed is important for the long jump; however, if an athlete does not have the proper mechanics and a consistent approach their speed will can not be fully utilized. In the clip below Wichita State University Coach Heidi Yost show three drill that three easy-to-use drills you can use to create repetitive and consistent approaches and create correct positioning and mechanics for the penultimate step and take-off

Coach Yost demonstrates her Continuous Take-Off Drill, Fourth Step Box Drill (6 step approach) and finally a Fourth and Sixth Step Box Drill (8 step approach using 2 boxes). For more drill to improve your long jumpers click the link to Coach Yost’s DVD Becoming a Champion: Long Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is on and that you have access to the site

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