Multi Throw Shot Drills

Its the off-season for track and field. For many this is a good time to be looking for new tools to add to your coaching toolbox. If you are looking for some conditioning drills  to do with your throwers you might like the multi throw shot drills demonstrated in the video below.

The drills are presented by Brad Hackett. Coach Hackett has been a college track and field coach for nearly 30 years. For 15 years, he was an assistant coach at the Division I level, with stints at Colgate University, Bucknell University, and Syracuse University. He has been the head track coach at Division III Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, since 1999. He previously served on the men’s development committee for USA Track & Field.

The drills are from his video course on CoachTube. The complete course includes over 30 minutes of drills covering the following topics:

  • Hip-mobility drills
  • In-place jump drills
  • Bounding drills
  • Hurdle-hop drills
  • Core drills
  • Medicine-ball drills
  • Multi-throw drills
  • Stair-running drills

For more information about this course click the link Ultimate Pre-Season Conditioning for Track and Field

CoachTube offers a wide variety of training programs for track and field coaches. To see all that CoachTube has to offer Click Here

The following is a list of the drills demonstrated in the clip below:

  1. Underhand Forward
  2. Squat Throw
  3. Lunge Throw
  4. Hop Hop Overhand Backwards
  5. Hop Hop Underhand Forwards
  6. Box Jump Overhand Backwards
  7. Box Jump Underhand Forwards

The video has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on. Click on the arrow to play the video.


The Ultimate Pre-Season Conditioning Drill for Track & Field – Multi-Throw Drills from

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