Partner Drill: Shot Put

Technique is very important for success in the shot put. Getting the athletes into proper positions and helping them correct their errors is the role of the throws coach. One common error in the glide technique is that often times the athlete will open their left side prematurely (for right handed throwers) as they move across the circle.  This is usually caused by a lack of flexibility in the torso or tightness  between the shoulder blades or lower back.

In the video clip below nationally recognized throwing coach Larry Judge shows you two variations of a common shot put training drill used to help train throwers to not open their left side too early. These drills are just a sample from a complete shot put training DVD.   Coach Judge’s instructional DVD  focuses on taking the beginning coach/athlete through all of the steps needed to succeed in learning to throw the shot. Included are 20 lessons designed to teach the shot put. In the video you will see over 100 drills used to complete the lessons. For more information about this DVD click the link Curriculum Guide to the Shot Put.

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Some schools block access to the site.

First Variation of Partner Glide Drill

In this drill the athlete will grasp one end of a bungee cord or resistance band with their none throwing hand and their partner will grasp the other end. As t he athlete glides across the circle the partner will move with them providing a small amount of resistance and reminding them to stay closed as they move forward across the ring  and into the power position.

Second Variation of Partner Glide Drill

After mastering the first variation, you can progress to the second variation. In this drill the athlete will simply grasp the arm of his/her partner. The partner will then move with the athlete he/she glides across the ring. This will provide a greater degree on tension in the non-throwing arm and help to prevent opening up too soon. It is important for the partner to walk with the athlete as the move across the ring.


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