Remedial Crossover Series: Exercises for Throws

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In this remedial crossover exercises series, Coach Boo Schexnayder has outlined several exercises that can be used to teach the shuffle, in addition to a series of movements that are essential to the proper set up for the delivery in the javelin, discus and rotational shot put events.

Here the key points Coach Schexnayder shares in the video below:

—This exercise teaches the remedial movements associated with setting up for the throw after the approach.

—The thrower assumes a staggered stance with the left foot forward.

—The feet and body are pointed just right of the throwing direction so that the hips are directed just 45 degrees from the throwing direction.

—Bodyweight is placed predominately on the front leg and the front leg is bent significantly.

—The drill begins with a strong push off propelling the body into flight in the throwing direction.

—This flight time provides the thrower a chance to position the body correctly for landing.

—While the thrower pushes off the right leg performs a sweep.

—The right leg sweeps forward in an extended position with the foot remaining close to the ground throughout.

—During this sweep the leg is everted, meaning the toe is turned outward and the inner thigh leads the sweeping movement.

—Care should be taken not to over emphasize the sweep in coaching practice.

—Emphasize the push off in the teaching process because over emphasizing the sweep disrupts timing and is a common coaching mistake.

—An insufficiently strong sweep is a very small error. But an overdone sweep produces major problems.

—During flight the left leg is recovered and extended in front of the body contacting on the inside ball of the foot in a heel ball relationship.

—The right foot contacts on the ball of the foot but nearly flat and the right leg yields a bit flexing at impact.

—In spite of this yielding the pelvis must remain close to neutral at impact.

—The butt should not stick out at landing.

—The left leg should land only a fraction of a second after the right. This ensures that the thrower is not leaning back excessively.


The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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