Rotational Shot and Discus: Kick the Cone Drill

Here is a drill to teach movement out of the back of the ring for both the rotational shot and discus.

In the clip below Seth Roberson, Grand View University Associate Head Coach, demonstrates his Kick the Cone Sweep Drill that he uses to help teach his rotational shot and discus throwers when to begin accelerating out of the back.

Coach Roberson states that you must push off the left leg, but that you need the right leg to help create the rotational momentum that is needed in the rotational shot and discus.

The first issue is timing. When should the athlete begin to accelerate out of the back? If the start too late, they will be off balance and not generate as much power. For this reason,  Coach Roberson feels that it is better to be slightly early than too late.

The Kick the Cone Sweep drill is designed to give the throwers a visual cue when of when to accelerate forward out of the back. A cone is placed out in front of the thrower and on the sector line. After rotating 90-degrees, the thrower should have his/her hips and shoulders in line with the sector. This is the point when you want them to begin moving out of the back.

The movement should be a push with the left foot towards the cone and a sweep of the right foot. The right foot should remain open to the cone. The athlete should attempt to sweep the right leg forward and kick the cone down the line.

This drill is taken from coach Roberson’s instructional DVD. For more information about that DVD, click the link Rotational Progressions and Finish Mechanics for Shot Put and Discus

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on. Click the arrow to play the video. Note that some schools block access to YouTube

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