Stabilization Drill: Long Jump and Triple Jump

Stabilizing is very important for jumpers and in particular long jumpers and triple jumpers. Athletes need to land correctly and be stabilized as the come into to their jump in order to be more explosive.

In the video clip below Coach Tim Cawley, University of Idaho Director of Track & Field and Cross Country, demonstrates a progression of drills to help train your jumpers to stabilize by teaching them to land flat footed with the the knees sightly bent and the arms back. These drills also give you the opportunity to work or your jumpers “triple extension” (ankle, knee and hip) which is key to explosiveness.

This progression of drills is just a sample from a complete DVD for training jumpers. For more information on the DVD that these drills came from click the link Curriculum Guide for the Long Jump and Triple Jump

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure your sound is turned on.

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