Teaching Beginning Pole Vault

If you are new to teaching pole vault here is video to help you get started teaching beginners.

In the video below Coach Scott Strohmeyer ( at the time of the video was the pole vault coach at Woodland High School (CA)) shows you how to teach a beginning pole vaulter.

Coach Strohmeyer does a create job of walking you through some key parts of teaching the pole vault. He discusses the following topics in this video:

  • Open Carry vs Closed Cary
  • Run Approach
  • Coach’s Mark
  • Pole Drop

Each also provides Coaching Cues, Common Mistakes and Drills to help teach key concepts.

This clip is just one section comprising an entire pole vault coaching course that you can find on CoachTube. For more information about this course click the link How to Teach Beginning Pole Vault

The video below has sound so please make sure that your speakers are turned on.


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