Triple Jump Progression Drills

The triple jump is a very technical event. Speed and power are essential components, but to be a championship jumper athletes must have the proper technique. In the video clip below Ken Brauman, Seminole (FL) High School Track & Field Coach and 10x Florida Track & Field Coach of the Year,demonstrates a drill progression that he uses to train his triple jumpers.

This video clip is from a DVD designed to help high school coaches teach and train horizontal jumpers. The DVD includes information regarding his year round training program, a strength and power training program as well as drills to teach the proper technique of both the long jump and triple jump. For more information about the DVD click the link High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Horizontal Jumps

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Some schools block access to YouTube. If you are viewing in a school setting and having trouble, please contact your network administrator.

The drill progression begins with the Standing Triple Jump. In this drill you will need to space out three cones on the runway in front of the pit. The distance between the cones depends on the ability of your athlete. Simply adjust the interval until you have it right for each athlete.

Begin by having the athlete stand on their dominant leg with the other leg up. The drill begins by having the athlete hop on their dominant leg. You want the athlete to concentrate on the cycling action of their hopping leg. They will hop to the second cone and strike the runway with a flat foot. Next they should drive their opposite leg up. Their thigh should be parallel with the runway. Toes should be up and the ankle should be cocked behind the knee as the explode their step to the next cone. At the third cone they will land on their opposite foot and the jump into the pit.

Once the Standing Triple Jump is mastered, have the runner start at the first cone. With his back to the pit, have him run three strides away from the cone. Mark the spot. The athlete will now begin the Three Step Approach Triple Jump drill. Starting at the spot you marked they will run to the first cone and the complete the hop-step-jump sequence emphasizing the same fundamentals.

As your athlete gains strength, move them back progressively to a 5, 7, 9 or 11 step approach. It is important to not move them back until they are strong enough. Use the shorter approaches, if they cannot execute the fundamentals at the greater speeds. You should not have them running so fast that they cannot execute the fundamentals.

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