Adrenaline Points: Finishing Fast

Having the confidence in your ability to run faster at the finish, even off a fast pace, is very important for the middle distance runner.

In the video below, Rose Monday, U.S. Olympic Assistant Coach and one of the top middle distance coaches in the country, shows a drill that she uses to help runners run faster at the finish.

This race tactic drill begins at the 300 mark and teaches the runner to run negative splits.

The runner begins with a fast jog to the top of the curve. At this point the runner will accelerate at each 50 meter mark (use cones to mark) all the way to the finish.

Coach Monday calls these adrenaline points and she wants her runner to visualize passing their opponents at each cone.

For more information about the DVD that this drill came and to learn more from Coach Monday click the link Becoming a Champion: 800/1500M for Girls’ Track & Field

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on

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