Middle Distance Training: Sample Week

Middle distance runner require speed and endurance and their workouts should reflect that. In this post you will get a one week workout plan designed for middle distance runners in the pre-competitive phase of their training.

This sample workout is provided by David Halliday, Flagler Palm Coast (FL) High School Head Track & Field Coach;
2x Florida Class 4A State Champs (Boys). Coach Halliday lays out the details of a well balanced week long workout plan for middle distance runners. The video below is just a sample from Coach Halliday’s instructional DVD entitled High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: 800M / 1500MFor more information about that dvd you can click here.

Here is the breakdown of his sample week:

Sunday – Long run. 60 minutes to 2 hrs depending on the athlete

Monday – Hills. Early January long hills; later use shorter hills but higher reps. (example 20 x 100 )

Tuesday – Recovery Run (60-80 minutes)

Wednesday – Repeats. Example 4 x mile or 8 x 1,000

Thursday – Recovery Run (60 minutes)

Friday – Speed Endurance.

  •     2 x Broken 1000 – five 200’s at race pace with 30 second rest. Eight minute break between sets
  •     600 Meter Breakdown – 600, 500, 400, 30 and  200
  •     Three sets of 3 x 300 meters – First set is slower than race pace. Second set at race pace. Third set                       faster than race pace.

Saturday – Early : Recovery Run (60 minutes).  Later : Anaerobic Threshold runs (3-5 miles). These are done at a                         good pace. Heart Rate 108.


Coach Halliday’s dvd contains comprehensive training plans as well as downloadable templates for planning, He divides the year around training program into the following segments:

  • Off-Season (Summer)
  • Cross Country Season (Fall)
  • Transition Phase (XC to Track)
  • Pre-Competitive Phase
  • Competitive Phase
  • Championship Phase

Click High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: 800M / 1500M for more information about his dvd.

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is tuned on and that you have access to the site. Note some schools block access to YouTube. Click the arrow to play the video.




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