Drills to Develop Speed

If you need to ideas to help develop speed and power in sprints, relays and hurdles check out these tips from Joey Woody, University of Iowa director of track and field/cross country

In the three clips below Coach Woody demonstrates several drills that he utilizes to develop technique, speed and power for sprints, relays and hurdles.

In the first video Coach Woody explains the following drills:

  1. Ankle Hops – The athlete will stand facing forward with the knees slightly bent. He will then explode up off the track with his toes dorsiflexed (pointing up). This helps to prepare the athlete for a good foot strike
  2. Acceleration A March – focus on swinging the leg from the hip and keeping the knee in front. The athlete should have 90-degree angles at the ankle, knee,hip and elbows.
  3. Acceleration A Skip – The athlete should swing the leg from the hip and drive it straight down. He should focus force application down as fast and hard as possible.

In the second video Coach Woody demonstrates  three dynamic jumping exercises

  1.   Hurdle Maze – Here the athlete will focus on both on jumping forward and laterally. He will jump forward over a mini-hurdle and then laterally over one to his left. Then quickly forward over a mini-hurdle and then laterally to the left. Finally he will jump forward over a mini-hurdle. The athlete should focus on bringing his knee high towards the chest.
  2. Higher Hurdle Maze- Do not advance athletes to this drill until they demonstrate good landing technique and and body control at the lower hurdle height.
  3. Forward Hurdle Hops with a Pause – Using medium hurdles places about three feet apart the athlete will start in a quarter squat position and jump up and over the first hurdle. After landing properly, the athlete will pause and the jump the next hurdle.

In the third video discusses a form mechanic drill that call the Acceleration Line Drill. This drill focuses on using the proper mechanics and applying the foot properly so that the athlete will have the necessary rhythm as he moves down the track.

These drills come from Coach Woody’s instructional DVD entitled Developing Speed and Power for Sprints, Relays and HurdlesFor more information about that DVD simply click the link.

The YouTube videos below have audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools may block access to YouTube.


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